Jessica Crisp

I was a HSM Team rider back in the 90’s working with Jeff and the design team. Due to the great HSM sails and their support I was PWA Overall World Champion 2 years in a row which was exciting. Then disaster stuck and I broke my tib and fib doing a loop in the Indoor in Paris (jumped too high and didn’t rotate until I was coming down where the board went nose first into the floor and my front leg with the foot in the footstrap couldn’t take the force and just broke both bones). But now I am back loving the new equipment and discovering all the great wavesailing spots in Sydney. After all these years I still love windsurfing and do it every day, with my main aim to windsurf forever! I am so impressed with what all the guys and girls are doing out there it blows my mind.

Country: Australia

Birthday: 1969

Discipline: I was racing but I am back to being a wave sailor again and I am loving it!

Sails: Firelights 5.7, 5.0 and 4.3, And just tried the KS3 4.6 and I am in love with it!