Manuel Sauvauge

Country: USA

I started windsurfing when I was 10 years old on a brown west French river surrounded by fields, oaks forests and hidden castles…Like rivers going into the Ocean I slowly followed the same way…sailing deeper in seas and open oceans. In pursuit of the sun I crossed seas and Oceans on my sailing boat to Hawaii.

This was the start of many years spent on Maui, windsurfing the waves.  Very soon after this arriving I met HotSails designer and passionate boat sailor, Jeff Henderson.
He made me try sails and I quickly felt addicted to the amazing KS3 wave sail …

I now spend more and more time in Tahiti after having sailing there from Maui 3 years ago…
I found remoted islands, the adventurous novel stories sceneries I was dreaming of… an oceanic territory fully ASA illuminated where colors and shadows, waters and life explode…and of course secret windsurfing spots….