Katrien Smith

I only started windsurfing when I was 25, but it changed my life. I love the unique feeling of riding big waves, flying high, landing a move for the first time, being out in nature with friends… 

I have been lucky with the support of Hot Sails for 8 years already! They have taken me to a 9th place at the PWA and to multiple 1st women’s places at the Belgian Wave Championships. Meanwhile, I became a mother of two and I had a nasty wrist fracture after overrotating a backloop, but I learnt that the best place to spend a maternity leave is a hardcore wave spot and I am fit and healthy again! 

While living in Belgium, I consider Wissant (France) as my home spot. We usually spend our summer holidays in Tenerife and our winters in South Africa, in the perfect company of my KS3’s, being light yet reliable in the powerful waves of Cape Town and the nasty rocks of El Cabezo. I love the feeling of the KS3 in the waves and the great spirit of Hot Sails Maui. I’m always motivated to get better and I can’t wait to share some waves with my kids!

Country: Belgium

Birthday: 1982

Discipline: Wave

Sails: KS3