Nikita Piankov

I am 45y.o., recently moved to Sevastopol, Russia, after living in Boston for 20 years and windsurfing there for 15 of those. Have a windsurfing wife and teaching my 2 daughters to windsurf, with varying success. We travel quite a bit and in the past year I windsurfed in Yellowstone NP, Hood River, San Francisco bay, Egypt, Mozambique, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, and Vietnam. Once Covid-19 hit, came back to Sevastopol and have been exploring spots around Crimea. 
I am a big freestyle fan and, despite not being so young, continue working on new moves, currently dealing in the Shaka and the Bob. I do play with the foil a bit (have a HSM Firefly 7.0 for that), and plan to get into wavesailing a lot more in the next year.
Love teaching people to windsurf, try to bring in a few new people into the sport every year. I typically don’t charge them anything and lend them some gear too to get started.
Country: Russia