Stine Marie Bøttern

Hi my name is Stine, and I love windsurfing.  

My home spot is on the north shore of Sealand, close to Copenhagen, where I live.  

It normally offers small and onshore conditions, but sometimes it can get good. 

My favourite spot is Hanstholm in cold Hawaii, where I go as often as possible (it’s a 5-hour drive from Copenhagen).  

My favourite discipline is wave sailing. There is no better feeling than ripping a big wave or rotating through the air.  

I also do a bit of freestyling and slalom racing – which I also enjoy a lot.  

There’s always new stuff to be learned in windsurfing and spots to be ridden, which keep me constantly motivated.  

Country: Denmark

Birthday: 1993

Discipline: Wave

Sails: QU4D