Bernhard Alioth

My name is Bernhard Alioth and I come from Switzerland

When I was 12 I learned to windsurf in Greece.I am very grateful to my mom that she made this possible for me.
Later, I worked as a surf instructor on Lake Thun in Switzerland for more than 10 years and participated in competitions at that time. The windsurf lifestyle is my life and I enjoy it every day.

Wind foiling is a great enrichment for me in Switzerland and gives me many days on the water. The Superfly is the ideal sail for my home spot Gunten on Lake Thun.
Whenever possible I try to windsurf in waves and I can get better and better and have great fun with the PW4 and Firelight.

I have been sailing Hotsails Maui for 10 years and I am very happy with the sails and working with Jeff.

Windsurfing is my passion

Country: Switzerland

Birthday: April 29, 1976

Sails: Firelight, PW4 and SuperFly 

Discipline: Foil and Wave