Jip Philippi

Country: Netherlands

Already more than 10 years ago I have done my internship at hotsails. After succeeding in both a product designer and teacher education my heart fell at the dream of having a windsurfschool.
Since 2011 we have taken many small and big steps as a Surfschool. Teached an incredible amount of kids, but also so many adults. In this area the sport is getting really popular! But what we are most proud of, is the atmosphere created over here. We are open minded, and very helpful to our customers, but also at non-customers. This created a very friendly and warm welcome scene. Seeing new people every day, makes us smile. Seeing regular people smiling and waving every windy day makes us smile. All these smiles is the very goal of what we do here in the Netherlands. We just know how to teach windsurfing very well, and we’ll make you succeed trying. And while trying, there will be great fun! We are proud of what we have accomplished, and we are proud to have it done together with Hotsails Maui. They have been very supportive from even the seed of our idea, and have backed that up by staying supportive throughout our journey!

When you think you’ll windsurf more when owning a windsurfschool you are totally wrong! Maybe when its still small and unknown. So my personal goal for every year is to have at least 20 sessions a year. And my goal for every session is just to have loads of fun with my friends, co-workers, or customers. And now and then i’ll push myself to learn something new. As learning new things is still a lot of fun!